Implementation and support of DevOps methodology projects

We specialise in the comprehensive implementation of proven technologies on the basis of modern technological stack, supporting projects on DevOps methodology and 24/7 high-load system servicing.
Official Partner
"The provision of a free audit of the current infrastructure is possible only within the framework of the conclusion of a comprehensive support contract"

Who we are

MiOps is a team of professionals who live and work following the DevOps philosophy.

We have many years of successful experience of providing services for implementation and support of software development projects according to the methodology DevOps.

Why we
Our services are cheaper than full-time staff recruitment
Save money
We communicate directly with the development team. We accept all the rules and principles of the client’s work.
We guarantee a high level of hard and soft skills without any toxic atmosphere
We do not short-circuit our processes. We use only Opensource technologies
We provide 24/7 support + SLA

What we offer
Process mapping CI/CD
Configuration management
Service containerization
Container orchestration
Monitoring of infrastructure and business metrics
Organization of a centralized logging system

How we work
We analyse current conditions of the processes in the company and compare them with desirable aims.
Pre-project survey
We evaluate the product, its attributes, the state and peculiarities of development.
Product introduction
We develop a work plan, discuss and agree on stages, deadlines and results of each stage.
Work planning
We move according to the agreed plan. We create and modify the existing infrastructure.
Infrastructure change
We provide 24/7 support and uninterrupted systems operation.
Support of the selected SLA

What we work with
C/C++, Go, Rust, Php, Python, Java, JavaScript, Net Core
Programming languages
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Redis, ClickHouse, Cassandra
AWS, GCS, Azure, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, Yandex.Cloud, MailCloudSolution, Selectel
Cloud providers
Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, RedHat), FreeBSD, Windows
Operating systems
Ansible, Terraform
Configuration management
Kubernetes, Nomad
Orchestration systems
VMWare, OpenStack, KVM, Xen
Gitlab Ci/CD, Jenkins, Bamboo, Teamcity
CI/CD systems
Loki, EFK stack(ElasticSearch, Fluent-bit, Kibana)
Grafana, Prometheus, Zabbix
Nginx, Haproxy
HashiCorp Vault
Secret management systems

  • Base

    It is suitable for small projects with a minimal set of services.

    From $2000 per month
  • Standard

    A complete project for the implementation and maintenance of the most modern infrastructure and DevOps.

    From $5000 per month
  • Enterprise

    For the most demanding customers from the entreprise segment.

    From $7500 per month

The result you get
Centralized monitoring system with alerting. Integrated logging system.
1-2 weeks
Transparent assembly line, testing and deployment of applications.
2-4 weeks
Fully developed processes DevOps, including CI/CD, logging and monitoring.
4-6 weeks
Support/ modification/ development of the current infrastructure.
After 6 weeks

Our cases

What else we do
- Current infrastructure audit
- Working out the cloud connections, network mapping
- Developing and choosing migration strategies for different IT-services of the client
- Technical support for migration, prompt assistance in case of incidents
- Infrastructure testing and checking the relevance of migration
- Launching “combat” infrastructure in the new cloud
- Development of the technical documentation for the project

Individual project on a turnkey basis, including the team of our DevOps engineers:
Server infrustructure migration (to the cloud or on-prem) into cloud services
Optimization for high-load hardware, OC, Kubernetes-cluster, DBMS and web-servers
Linux administration
DevSecOps – making the process of product development as safe as possible
MLOps – we have our own unique developments aimed at reliable and efficient processes CI/CD for machine learning models.
Audit of the current infrastructure
Establishment of a competence center DevOps within the client’s company
Project implementation with their further transfer for self-management

Our clients

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